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You're the one that I need

Drop the dagger and lather the blood on your hands, Romeo

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Name: Frank Iero, he'll go by anything
Known For: Guitarist of My Chemical Romance
Clan: Malkavian
Live Journal: Frank_DntWrite
Screen Name: TeengrsScreFrank
Character Photo:
Brief Character Summary: When exactly Frankie was sired is a mystery. He doesn't remember who exactly his sire is, though he would instantly if he spotted them, the voices would inform him of course. Just like any other Malkavian, Frankie is ridden a lot of very talkative people that took up residence in his head when he was embraced. He's very social on most days, though he does have off days where he won't be found anywhere but holed up in some dark corner, no doubt brooding over some horrible thing the voices have revealed to him. He also has a habit of randomly bickering with the 'all-knowing' voices on some matters. If he's angry or doesn't feel like dealing with something, he tunes the rest of the world out and retreats into his own mind.
Sample Role-Play: Frank stood stalk still, staring curiously upward and entirely too oblivious to the people passing him on all sides. The images flashing across the screen were not what had his attention, and as much might have been grasped by anyone who took the time to give him a good, long look. Nobody did though, and with good reason. A quick glance was all most people would spare before they hurried along to catch up with their respective groups. He was vaguely paying attention to the movie previews, like he was seeing them through a peripheral sort of vision. He had been watching the little flat screen prior to the small episode he was having, but his eyes had long since glossed over and his mind was ages away from the movie theater his small form stood rigid in. Abruptly, Frank’s head snapped sideways and his eyes focused intently on the door leading out of the theater. The far off images flashing through his mind began to lose their intensity and fade away into hazy possibilities. He waited a few seconds more before turning on his heel and heading quickly for the door. His companion was taking far too long with a simple feeding, and he’d caught the faint scent of an unfamiliar kindred.